Boy In Ohio Hit By Car While Exiting School Bus

On May 13, a 12-year-old boy had to be transported to Licking Memorial Hospital in Ohio for the personal injuries he received to his foot after being struck by a car while exiting a school bus.

According to a report from police in Newark, Ohio, David Six had just exited the bus when witnesses say the Oldsmobile Cutlass of 41-year-old James Barton failed to stop for the bus, proceeding through the flashing lights and stop sign. He struck Six’s left foot.

The report said that Barton claims to have not seen the stopped school bus due to a truck which had pulled in front of him. However, a witness who was behind the vehicle of Barton told police that it was clear that the bus had stopped to let children off.

Barton received a citation for failure to stop for the bus.

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