Boating Changes on Jordan Lake

Summer boating will be very different for Triangle-area residents who are accustomed to docking their boat at Jordan Lake’s only docking facility, Crossroads Marina. This spring Crossroads Marina will be completely demolished, as part of a sell-out plan that the current owner has agreed to.

The new management plans to build brand new docks when ownership changes over in mid-May 2012. The new docks on Jordan Lake are expected to be completed in August, in the height of the busy summer and high boat traffic season. The new company will be adding a café, picnic area, observation deck, training spaces and boat rentals, giving residents in the greater Raleigh-Durham area more opportunities to enjoy Jordan Lake.

Anyone docking a boat at Crosswinds must remove their boat by March 31, 2012. Until the new dock construction is complete, ramp traffic for boat owners to launch their boats will certainly increase this summer, boosting the chances of traffic accidents and potential injuries.

Tips for Boat Ramp Etiquette
• Avoid unnecessary delays. Finish as much work as possible before reversing your trailer into the water. Don’t take time to organize lunches in the cooler when there’s a long line of other anxious boaters ready to get their boats in the water.
• Double-check all safety chains and ropes.
• Check brake lights on the trailer to make sure they’re working.
• Tilt the engine to increase clearance.
• Tie the boat to the dock as far away as possible so that other boaters can use the space to launch or recover their boats.

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