Boat Accidents in NC

north carolina boat accidentsLakes, rivers and North Carolina's coast are popular among recreational boaters. Plus, North Carolina is one of the Top 20 states in the nation with the most registered boats. Boating accidents, even though not as frequent as car accidents, can be catastrophic. After a car accident you can leave the vehicle or be removed from the vehicle by medical professionals. In a boating accident, leaving the watercraft leaves the potential for drowning-especially for victims who are injured or in shock.

Surviving a NC Boat Accident

A North Carolina boating accident occurred recently that involved two recreational boats, the district attorney's boat, a jet ski and a boat dock. The D.A. and his wife were celebrating their anniversary by watching the sunset on a lake. After the sun went down, on their ride in they collided with another boat and were thrown overboard.

Boat Accident Injuries

The D.A.'s boat was older and did not have a kill switch, so it kept running and hit another boat and a jet ski before colliding with a dock. Fortunately no deaths or injuries occurred because of the runaway boat, but statistically boating accidents result in severe head trauma, internal injuries or death. The only real harm that took place was property damage of the water vessels and the dock.

Raleigh Boat Accident Lawyers

There are maritime laws; sadly many recreational boaters involved in accidents aren't aware of these regulations. If you are injured in a North Carolina boating accident, the boat operator can be liable for injuries, medical costs, lost wages and more compensation. Raleigh boat accident attorneys at Brent Adams & Associates represent injured victims who are entitled to monetary compensation. With a strong knowledge of the unique maritime laws on state and local levels, our injury lawyers have a successful history of verdicts for boat accident victims.

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