Birth Injuries: Medical Malpractice in North Carolina

Caring for an infant with special needs takes up most, if not all, the time and attention of the new parents. Juggling medical bills, infant care, and keeping routine work hours prevents parents from learning about the complex medical malpractice laws in North Carolina, this is when parents need to find a Raleigh birth injury lawyer.


There are two possible kinds of injuries that babies can experience during birth: traumatic and oxygen-related. Birth trauma can happen during complications with vaginal delivery births or negligent care during a Cesarean section. Limited oxygen at birth could permanently damage a baby’s vital organs. How can healthcare workers gauge a baby’s oxygen levels? By tracking a heart rate monitor. There have been cases where medical staff are not paying attention to the fetal heart rate monitor and babies suffer permanent brain damage as a result.


Not every birth injury is preventable; however healthcare professionals are required to follow strict care and protocol. Some birth injuries will last a lifetime. One person’s carelessness needs to be recognized and the victim’s family compensated to the most NC medical malpractice laws allow. After speaking with a Raleigh birth injury lawyer at Brent Adams & Associates, parents learn:


  • If they have a legal birth injury case recognized under North Carolina medical malpractice laws.
  • The facts that help their NC birth injury case and the evidence that may hurt their claim.
  • The best way to build a case for the injured party to be awarded the most compensation they are entitled to.
  • How compensation varies depending on the degree of injury, recovery and amount of healthcare expenses.
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