Woman is burned by Bath and Body Works Oil Warmer

A Bath & Body Works fragrance oil warmer allegedly caused a fire and burns to a woman in the south. The plaintiff says she was using the oil warmer according to product directions in the dining area of her home when the accident took place. The oil warmer burst into flames, prompting the woman to attempt to remove it from her home and prevent the fire from spreading and damaging her property. When she tried to put the oil warmer outside, burning oil splashed on her skin and severely burned her.


The woman has filed a lawsuit claiming that the Bath & Body Works product is defective and that adequate warnings were not provided. If you have been injured or have suffered damages from a product you believe is defective, contact a North Carolina defective product attorney at Brent Adams & Associates. When the injured woman reported the accident to Bath & Body Works and asked for compensation, the retailer offered her a gift card. Our injury attorneys can help you receive substantial compensation for your injuries and we don’t ever settle for initial offers or anything less than you truly deserve.


This Bath & Body Works lawsuit isn’t the only one filed against the scented body care retailer. In 2011 a lawsuit was filed by environmental groups because the beauty supplier was including a potentially dangerous chemical, triclosan, in their “Summertime Scent” soaps. Triclosan is categorized as a pesticide and has been linked to hormone disorders. The soaps were specifically marketed to teenagers. Teenage and young women are top consumers of their products and exposure to triclosan is dangerous. Teenagers’ bodies are still developing and young pregnant women may face fetal developmental issues.

I'm not surprised at the damage done to this lady, I had such a sever allergic reaction from one of their body sprays that I couldn't breathe and had to get an epenephrine shot, I'm so badly scarred every doctor I've seen so far describes it as one of the worst reaction they've seen and their consolation is a $25 to $100 gift card, why would I purchase anything from BBW. It's 80 degrees in NY and I have to wear a scarf and long sleeves everyday. What a mess......
by Stephanie cobham June 21, 2013 at 10:01 PM
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