Bad Conditions at Raleigh Nursing Home Lead to Layoffs

The Raleigh nursing home Blue Ridge Health Care Center was ordered by the state in early 2012 to cease admissions of new patients. This came right after Blue Ridge Health Care Center’s Medicare and Medicaid funding was suspended due to their inadequate conditions and cases filed for a half dozen patients, according to local news reports.


Nursing homes can be funded by Medicare and Medicaid on the state level, but also have to meet federal regulations. The Blue Ridge Health Care Center failed to pass inspections. A fine exceeding $4,000 per day was issued for over a month. The latest structure change is a series of layoffs scheduled for late summer 2012, which will take away the jobs of over 4 dozen Raleigh nursing home employees.


NC nursing home abuse cases can range from poor living conditions that cause dangerous infections, to fatal cases involving prescription errors and inadequate staffing. The fewer employees at the Blue Ridge Health Care Center could mean even less specialized care, although no announcements have been made about patient transfers or new hires.


There is no shortage of assisted living centers, senior living and nursing homes in the Triangle area, however finding a safe nursing home in NC is not an overnight decision for family and friends who care for an elderly person. Even if a nursing home has great ratings, if you suspect a nursing home or elderly care provider is neglecting someone you know, you need to report it immediately. Senior citizens are much more vulnerable to serious effects of injuries. Time is of the essence with nursing home abuse and neglect cases. Contact NC nursing home abuse lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates to learn how to protect your loved ones.

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