Avoid Hurricane Damage Insurance Claims in NC

Hurricane damage in North Carolina is unpredictable. Storms affect the coastal Carolinas and homes far inland. NC insurance claims pile up when there is water or wind damage to homes and businesses.

Raleigh-Durham Wind and Water Damage Attorneys

Property owners can take a few steps in hurricane preparation in order to limit the amount of damage a storm can cause on a property. Families notoriously raid supermarkets for milk and bread before storms, but there are proper hurricane supplies they should have in mind. If hurricane prevention methods fail and an insurance dispute arises, hurricane damage lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates can help with low or denied claims. Our team of insurance dispute attorneys helps families in every part of North Carolina.

Before a storm arrives, try these hurricane damage prevention tips:

  • Property Damage - Remove as many dead trees and tree limbs as possible from your property.
  • Garage Doors - Wind damage commonly affects garage doors. Garage doors typically buckle or get pushed off track.
  • Hurricane Shutters or Taping Windows - For homes that are frequently affected by hurricanes and coastal storms, an investment in hurricane shutters can prevent serious damage-not only to windows themselves, but from keeping the interior of the house safe from wind, rain and debris. A broken window during a storm will also change the pressure inside the house-so much so that the roof could fly off and the walls could cave in. Shutters come in a variety of materials and options. Some storm panels are aluminum or steel, and some come in accordion or roll-up forms. Plywood can be cut-to-fit and screwed to windows as well. Alternatively, taping windows is a quick and cheap option. Tape will not prevent windows from breaking like storm panels do, but it will help prevent glass from flying around.
  • Glass or Hollow Doors - Treat any exterior doors that are not metal or solid wood with dead-bolt locks as windows. Apply shutters or plywood panels to them and make sure bolts are added to attach panels to the door frame itself.

North Carolina Hurricane Damage Lawyers

If you suffer property damage at your home or business because of a NC hurricane, and you believe your insurance company is not providing adequate coverage or has denied your claim, an insurance dispute attorney at Brent Adams & Associates can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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