Insurance Costs for Dog Bite Claims

dog bite claimsVictims of dog attacks in North Carolina often want to know how they can be compensated for the pain, medical attention, and rehabilitation caused by the attack. On a national level, the average claim for a dog bite injury increased to $37,214 in 2015 from $32,072 in 2014, according to the Insurance Information Institute. About 4.5 million Americans are bitten by a dog each year and almost a fifth of those victims require medical attention. Dog-related injuries cost insurance companies $571.3 million.  Last year, approximately one-third of homeowner’s insurance claims were due to dog bites.

To determine the value of one's case, the individual must consider the circumstances surrounding their injury and the attack. The location of the attack could prompt additional fines as some townships and municipalities in North Carolina enforce unique statutes. When the attack occurred and when the victim files a claim can affect if they are legally obligated to compensation. The statute of limitations in North Carolina for dog bite cases (injury claims in general) is three years from the date of injury. Whether or not a victim died in the attack will also affect the case value. An attorney can explain more about wrongful death claims.

Curious about other factors affecting payouts for attacks? Learn about how to valuate dog bite injury claims.

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