Autryville NC Driver Aged 14 Dies in Car Wreck

Recently, a Sampson County, NC car crash caused the death of Ashley Leigh Nunnery, a 14-year-old from Autryville, NC. She was a student at Lakewood High School and had been living with her grandparents. Nunnery was driving fast and without a seat belt when she lost control of the car, hit a ditch and flipped the vehicle.

North Carolina law allows residents aged 15 or older to apply for a limited learner permit. The limited learner permit requires the driver to have a supervising licensed driver in the passenger seat. For the first six months the driver holds the permit they are only allowed to drive between 5AM and 9PM. After this provisional period they are allowed to drive at any time as long as there is a supervising driver in the passenger seat. Nunnery was obviously violating the law since she was not yet 15.

Not only was she driving without a licensed driver present, since she was not legally operating the vehicle she did not have car insurance nor did she own the vehicle she was driving. If Nunnery had injured or killed someone else through the accident that caused her death, the other victim or the victim's family could file a claim through the registered owner of the vehicle. In Nunnery's case, this would be her grandfather.

Driving Without a License in NC

In a separate accident, another victim was driving without a license in Fayetteville. Earnest Peterkin crashed into trees while driving with a passenger, Jocelyn Swindell. According to WRAL, injuries were not critical.

Young Drivers in Accidents

The number one cause of death for anyone in the US under the age of 30 is a motor vehicle accident. Another fatal accident occurred in Durham. Near Duke University a 21-year-old driver from Hickory, Lee Royster, crashed a vehicle into a tree. The collision caused the car to flip and land on its roof. Passenger, 21-year-old Matthew Grape of Wellesley, MA, died at the scene. Both Royster and Grape were seniors at Duke University.

If you or someone you know suspects that another person's negligence is responsible for the injuries or wrongful death of an innocent person, car crash lawyers at Brent Adams & Associates will review your case and explain your legal rights.

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