Autopsies Of Workers Killed In Garner ConAgra Explosion Released

The results of the autopsies for the three workers who died of the personal injuries they suffered in an explosion at a ConAgra Foods plant in Garner on June 9 have been released. The results say the workers died due to blunt force trauma caused by the ceiling collapsing on them.


Within a day of the explosion, which was caused by natural gas that had not been properly vented, the bodies of Barbara McLean, Lewis Watson, and Rachel Pulley were recovered by rescue workers.


Dozens more workers were injured in the explosion, which caused the plant to shut down production for several weeks. The plant is expected to partially resume production on July 27.


Inspectors believed that a gas line was vented inside the plant by workers on June 9 as part of a project to install a commercial water heater.


State and national officials continue to investigate the incident.

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