An attorney in North Baltimore, Maryland has filed suit against the city, a number of Trigen-Baltimore Energy Corp. entities, Ligon & Ligon Inc., and Johnson Controls Inc. after sustaining personal injuries from falling into a construction hole. In the fall 2005 accident, Arianne Spaccarelli suffered serious burn injuries to nearly half of her body.

In the suit filed in Baltimore City Circuit Court by Spaccarelli and her husband Robert Galassi, the defendants are accused of negligence for her fall into the steam pit. The accident took place as the couple was walking to her car after dinner.

Spaccarelli was walking alongside a fenced off construction area when she fell into the pit. The suit claims that the construction hole existed beyond the fence. She was pulled from the pit by her husband, but still suffered second-and third-degree burns to more than 43 percent of her body.

Spaccarelli was taken to Johns Hopkins Burn Center and stayed for a month, during which she underwent two major surgical procedures. She also required skin grafts, physical therapy, and psychological counseling. She claims that she continues to suffer depression, itching, disfigurement, and problems sleeping in addition to incurring medical expenses.

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