Apps to Help Prevent an Accident for Your Teen Driver

cell phone distractionCar accidents are the leading cause of death among teenagers, this is true in North Carolina and all states around the country. This statistic developed before cell phones were a common personal accessory. Today, distracted driving-related accidents caused by texting while driving or talking on a cell while driving only add to the dark statistic. 

As the number of distractions teen drivers face increases, the number of accident prevention methods is going up too. Several smartphone apps have been developed to help drivers--some specifically for teen drivers--practice safer driving habits. Our car accident lawyers in Raleigh, Fayetteville and Dunn provide a list of a few smartphone apps below. We hold no affiliation with any of the services and encourage you to investigate them all to learn their specific functions.

In addition to smartphone apps, parents can check with their cell phone provider about parental controls that protect teenagers while driving. Here are a couple of smartphone apps to encourage safe driving habits for teens:

Drive Safely - Wouldn't it be great if a smartphone was smart enough to tell a caller or texter that the phone's owner is busy driving and will get back to them later? That's exactly what this app is capable of doing for your teen. While your teenage driver gives their full attention to the road, the app will respond to anyone who calls or texts with a message that your teen will be in touch when they finish driving. It can also read new emails and texts aloud so the driver doesn't have to fumble with their phone while behind wheel. (Don't be deceived by voice-to-text and hands-free services - studies show these are no less responsible for accidents.) Available on Blackberry, iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

DriveScribe – Want to make sure your teen driver can't get a Facebook update, Tweet, make or receive phone calls, or text messages while they're driving? This app detects the vehicle's speed and blocks all activity while the car is moving. Parents can also receive reports about the teenager's speed. Why would teenagers enjoy this app? The more the driver uses the app, the more "rewards" the driver receives. Points accumulate and can be used to make purchases on Amazon, Macy’s, and other popular retailers! Available on iPhone and Android systems.


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