Phone Rewards Drivers for Safe Driving

distracted drivingDistracted drivers are a leading cause of car accidents in North Carolina. Last year our attorneys provided a breakdown of several smartphone applications that help encourage teenage drivers to leave their phones alone while behind the wheel.

Some of these apps acted as a personal receptionist - alerting the person calling that the recipient of the call is currently driving or even reading text messages aloud so that drivers don't need to fumble with their phone to learn the context of messages. Another app serves as a blocking service--detecting the phone's speed and suspending all incoming calls and texts when in motion.

One feature among apps that seems to be trending is the reward feature. Among the apps our car accident lawyers provided in earlier posts, some use a point system that can be converted to credits for use in purchases with popular retailers. This is the similar concept that applies to a new app called SafeDrive. SafeDrive allows drivers to earn points for not touching their phone while driving. The longer the drive, the more points earned. The points can the be converted to credits at participating providers. 

What do you do to limit your phone use while driving? How do you encourage teens to leave their phones alone when in the driver's seat? Let us know and we're happy to share your tips with our friends, family, and followers on Facebook and Twitter.


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