Appealing a Veterans Disability Claim That Has Been Denied in Raleigh

If your VA claim is denied, appealing the veterans disability claim may be an option. A veterans disability attorney in Raleigh may be able to help if you plan to appeal the denial. 

The VA Disability Appeals Process 

The first thing you will need to do is file a Notice of Disagreement with the local VA office that made the decision. Although you have a year in which to appeal, it is best to get the process started immediately, as it can take a long time to work through. 

There are two ways your claim can be appealed, through a hearing officer or a Decision Review Officer. A veterans disability attorney in Raleigh can explain the pros and cons of both methods for appealing veterans disability claims. 

Your claim will then be reviewed. It can be either approved or denied once again and you will receive a notice of the decision regarding your disability and application for benefits. 

If it is denied a second time, you do have the option to appeal your case to the Board of Veterans Appeals. Appealing to the board isn’t the last option, either, even if it is denied. The next step may be the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. 

Keep in mind there may be deadlines in which to file appeals. And you may be required to submit additional information and documentation. With so many factors that can affect your case, securing legal counsel can prove to be highly useful. 

If your claim is eventually approved, the next concern may be the monthly payment you are entitled to receive. VA disability pay rates will depend on the severity of your condition. So the more severe it is, the higher the rating.  

Contacting a Veterans Disability Attorney in Raleigh 

Speaking with a veterans disability attorney at Brent Adams & Associates can help you learn if you qualify to receive veterans disability benefits and if you are appealing a veterans disability claim. Call to schedule your free consultation – 1-800-849-5931 or 910-892-8177.

Denied claim of knee injury while on active duty! Do to running in combat boots! Sent in appeal of this decision!
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