According to animal control officials in Montgomery County, Tennessee, they have responded to an average of one call of personal injury due to dog bite each day since July of last year. It’s not hard to believe that similar numbers could be experienced in other counties in the U.S. 

One recent attack responded to by the Montgomery County animal control officials involved a seven-year-old boy in Clarksville being attacked by a pit bull mix.

According to Chris Miller, his son Alex is currently in recovery from the personal injuries he received from being attacked by the dog. Miller said that the neighbor’s dog attacked his son as he was playing after school.

According to Miller, the dog broke its chain, ran around the house and “grabbed the first child that he got to,” which was Alex.

According to Clyde McCullough, the owner of the dog, it is the first time someone has ever been attacked by his pet and he expressed regret over Alex’s injuries.

The Montgomery County animal control officials reported responding to over 300 bites over the past 10 months, which works out to an average of about one per day.

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