Allstate Insurance Problems After North Carolina Cancellations

Allstate will cancel homeowners insurance policies in North Carolina if they are not bundled with auto insurance. Even customers who have been with the insurance giant for decades will lose coverage unless they include their car insurance with Allstate.

NC Insurance Accident Claims

Cancellation letters have been sent to over 45,000 Allstate insurance policy holders in NC. The NC Department of Insurance has no power over bundling ultimatums. Insurance policy holders are responsible for making sure there is no lapse in their coverage, which could lead to serious consequences if an accident should occur.

Which insurance companies are canceling policies unless residents combine their home and auto policies?
• Allstate
• NC Farm Bureau
Which insurance companies don’t require bundling?
• State Farm
• Nationwide USAA
NC Insurance Dispute Attorneys

If you are having a difficult time with an insurance claim, it has been denied or you’re not receiving the compensation outlined in your policy, contact an insurance dispute attorney at Brent Adams & Associates. Our insurance dispute attorneys help policyholders anywhere in North Carolina file claims against their insurance companies in order to receive the compensation their policies stated they were entitled to.
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