Alignment Shop Owners Settle with Man who was Run Over

Bud Ellis of Lancaster South Carolina ended up on the floor of a garage in an alignment shop after the co-owner of the garage ran over his ankles with a vehicle. The plaintiff, who was not an employee of the shop, alleged he was assisting another co-owner with the repairs of another vehicle at the time he was run over. Mr. Ellis claimed that he suffered a 10% permanent disability to his left ankle as a result of the incident.

Jackie Horton owned the business, and also Ronnie Jordan and Tony Jordan were the defendants. They denied liability for the accident. The Defendants say that the Plaintiff was in the work area where he should not have been.

The alleged injuries were significant bilateral soft tissue injuries to the ankles, resulting in a 10% permanent impairment of the left ankle. Mr. Ellis claimed $15,520 in past medicals.

Mr. Ellis received $17,500 as his settlement on March 31st, 2010.

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