Police said that actress Juliette Lewis has suffered personal injuries in a hit-and-run crash in Burbank, California.


According to Sgt. Sean Kelley, Lewis was a back seat passenger in a Lincoln Town Car on the night of October 6 when the vehicle was struck by a another vehicle whose driver ran a red light and fled the scene after the collision.


The car that struck the Lincoln was discovered a short distance from the scene, but the driver had fled.


Kelley said that Lewis received hospital transport complaining of head, back, and neck pain and some bruising. Her injuries were not believed to have been serious.


Kelley said that upon location, the driver of the second vehicle is to be arrested on a charge of felony hit-and-run.


The 37-year-old Lewis received a best supporting actress Oscar nomination for her role in the 1991 film "Cape Fear." She appears in the soon-to-be released film "Conviction."

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