Accidental Child Deaths in Cars Left in Summer Heat

Parents and guardians should remind their children’s caregivers of the summertime danger of extreme heat exposure if children are left in cars. Dozens of deaths happen annually due to careless people who leave children in cars unattended.


Cracking a window does little to reduce temperatures and keep the car at a safe level. Even if someone is running an errand and only plans on leaving children alone in a car for a few minutes can be fatal. Statistics show that even when outside temperatures are comfortably in the 70s, interior car temperatures can reach hyperthermic levels. Children suffer injuries such as blindness, hearing loss, brain damage, heatstroke and in severe cases, death.


Prevent child deaths and injuries in hot cars by spreading awareness and checking backseats and car seats to make sure they’re empty before locking the car. If you see someone else leaves their child alone in a car, call 911 right away.

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