Accident Injuries: Avoiding Deer in NC

Sometimes NC car accidents are caused by deer and not a negligent driver. Policy holders may have a difficult time recovering adequate compensation from their insurance company for damage and injuries caused by a deer accident.

Avoiding Deer Collisions While Driving

A March 2012 NC truck accident involved a driver who tried to avoid hitting a deer. The truck flipped over and its cargo (live crabs) was littered across I-95. The driver experienced minor injuries, whereas other deer accident victims could face life-long injuries and medical treatments.

NC Insurance Disputes

If you’re in the midst of a dispute with your insurance company about your policy coverage, contact a NC insurance dispute attorney at Brent Adams & Associates to review your case. In the interim, we’ve created a list of tips that you can share with your friends and family that show how to avoid deer collisions.

1. Use high beams. Only use your high beams if there are no fog conditions and at times when you won’t distract oncoming traffic. The extra light will help you see the road and illuminate wildlife’s eyes so that you will have extra time to react.
2. Watch the cars in front of you. If you notice vehicles ahead of you are swerving, take extra caution and slow down. The other cars may have avoided a deer, but you could be heading into the path of the deer’s herd.
3. Be extra vigilant in the early morning, evening and at night. Although deer do wander into traffic during the day, the most common times that they travel are in the morning and evening, which is when they graze.

Raleigh Insurance Dispute Attorneys

Deer are small compared to today’s vehicles, but for their size they cause serious damage and injuries. If you’re suffering injuries, taking time away from work and not receiving the compensation from your insurance company that is outlined in your policy, contact a Raleigh insurance dispute attorney at 800.849.5931. With two extra injury law offices in Fayetteville and Dunn, Brent Adams & Associates helps victims of bad faith insurance anywhere in NC. Learn your rights in a free consultation with our NC insurance dispute attorneys.
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