After watching an alarming video where police allow a dog to bite a naked, unarmed man, lawyers question how police should use their canines. 

NBC4 reports that the video also shows the officer pinning the naked man to the ground. 

According to police reports, the police received a call of concern for a man running naked running through University City, California. He was believed to be under the influence of drugs, which he later admitted was true.

The video shows the naked man obeying the police officers by walking up a hill. Once at the top of the hill, the officers tell him to "turn around," but he does not listen. As soon as the man screams, "No," the police dog immediately knocks the man to the ground. Then four police officers pin the man to the pavement and allow the dog to attack his leg for forty-four seconds, NBC4 news states.

Civil rights attorney, Donald W. Cook, noted this type of behavior was unnecessary and inappropriate. 

The man who was attacked claimed he ended up naked after a "wild night of partying." He states, "I take some responsibility because I was under the influence, but nothing justifies the cop's use of such force." 

Cook admits police canines are useful for sniffing out bombs or drugs but using them to attack civilians is a "problem." He watched the video and did not see the victim express "threatening behavior."

The man received a $385,000 settlement for being attacked by a police dog, but his right leg is now permanently disabled. "No dollar amount is worth having a disability for life," he says.

To read more information and see the video, click here.

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