If you miss your doctor's appointment, it will cost you money. Lawyer explains why it is important to keep all of your medical appointments and to get all the medical treatment you need.

One of the favorite arguments that insurance adjusters use to try to settle the claim for less than fair value is the "gap in treatment" argument.


The adjuster will argue that there is a gap in treatment anytime there is a delay by an injured person in getting back to the doctor.


The insurance company will make a "gap in treatment" argument at anytime a patient misses a scheduled appointment with a doctor.


That is why we always advise our clients never to miss an appointment with a doctor unless it is absolutely necessary. The insurance companies' argument is that a claimant  must not be injured very badly if they do not go to the doctor as scheduled. They say that if a person is truly injured they will go to the doctor and every chance they get. The settlement offer will be less if there is a lot of missed medical appointments. The insurance adjuster will try to settle the claim cheaper by the use of a "gap in treatment "argument.


Another situation in which an insurance adjuster will raise the  "gap in treatment" argument is when someone does not go to the emergency room or doctor immediately after a collision. The argument is particularly unfair in this situation when the victim is trying their best to "suck it up" and deal with their injuries by themselves rather than going to the expense of a visit to the emergency room. 


It is a big mistake to jeopardize  your recovery on your personal injury claim by careless attention to return appointments to your doctor.


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