A man has filed a personal injury suit alleging that workers at a health club shocking a pool he was swimming in caused him to develop permanent respiratory problems.

On November 25, Ramey Robert Elliot and his wife filed suit against Our Health Club and Spa in Illinois’ Madison County Circuit Court.


Elliot alleges that he began to swim in a pool located at the spa on June 15, 2003, when an employee attempted to shock the pool.


Elliot says the incident caused him to ingest chlorine, which resulted in him suffering severe respiratory problems and long-term effects from the scarring of his lungs. He also says the incident caused him to suffer from reduced breathing capacity, sensitivity to environmental conditions, loss of breath, and loss of stamina, experience pain and discomfort, and lost more than $10,000 in wages.


Elliot’s wife claims the incident has caused her to experience the loss of her husband’s society, comfort, services, income, companionship, guidance, and affection.


The Elliots allege negligence on the part of Our Health Club and Spa for operation of a pool with an improper water purification and filtration system, improperly adding chlorine to the pool, attempting to operate the pool despite the lack of proper knowledge and training, exposure of patrons to chlorine without telling them to leave, and failure to maintain and operate the pool filtration system.


The Elliots seek damages in excess of $100,000 from the two-count suit.

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