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Police say a soldier who suffered fatal personal injuries after being struck by a vehicle on Sycamore Dairy Road on July 25 had been involved in a fight moments earlier.

According to Fayetteville police, 21-year-old Mario Trejo-Castro was discovered lying in the road near the Bragg Boulevard intersection shortly after 4 a.m.

Police say the incident began with a fight in the parking lot of the McDonald’s restaurant located at the intersection.

The fight then moved onto Sycamore Dairy Road, where Castro fell to the ground, said police. Before he was able to return to his feet, he was struck by a 2009 Honda driven by 18-year-old Wade resident Kassie Carter, police said.

Castro received transport to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center, where he later died, according to police.

Carter was uninjured in the collision.

According to Sgt. John Somerindyke, investigators wish to speak with the other man involved in the fight, who was described as heavyset and was riding in a red pickup.

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Brent Adams
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A woman in South Salt Lake, Utah has been arrested after police say another woman suffered personal injuries in a fight with the woman, who used her pet pit bulls as weapons. According to Latoyia Portillo, the woman who suffered the animal wounds, the other woman threatened to order her dogs to attack, and then did so.

In the attack, Portillo suffered a scratch to the face, scrapes to the elbow, and a bite to hip.

On the night of June 23, Portillo was visiting the apartment where her mother and sisters live when a neighbor allowed her two pit bulls to roam free in the area where Portillo’s daughter and other children were playing.

Portillo said she requested that the woman put the dogs on a leash, which she refused. After the dogs attacked another dog owned by a neighbor, she repeated the request, which she says began an argument that escalated into a fight.

According to Portillo, the woman’s boyfriend then joined the fray, striking her on the elbow and side with a metal bed rail. Then the woman ordered the dogs to attack Portillo.

Portillo said that one dog went for her legs and the other bit her on the hip, but fortunately both let go.

Ashlei Rebolloso, the owner of the dogs, and Lawrence Rich, her boyfriend, were both arrested by police.

South Salt Lake Police Department spokesman Gary Keller said that Rebolloso “crossed the line” by ordering the dogs to attack. He says that he does not fault the dogs, even though they can be vicious. Portillo says that even though the dogs have shown aggressive tendencies toward her sister and other neighbors, she does not blame them for the attack either, rather she blames the owners.

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Brent Adams
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A man alleging that he sustained personal injuries in a fight with an intoxicated man has filed suit against the bar that allegedly served the alcohol to the drunken person.

According to the suit he filed on January 9 in Illinois’ Madison County Circuit Court, Lawrence R. Militello alleges that a man, whose name he does not know, assaulted him on February 26, 2007 after consuming alcoholic liquors obtained from Sparky’s 397 Pub.

The suit claims that the alcohol he consumed led to the man’s impairment and intoxication. During that intoxication and impairment, the man assaulted Militello.

Militello claims that because of the fight, he was caused serious and permanent bodily injured which resulted in pain and suffering, disability, medical costs, and inability to pursue natural pursuits of life. He seeks damages in excess of $50,000.

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