82-Year-Old Suffers Severe Leg Injury In Dog Attack

An 82-year-old man from Park Ridge, Illinois suffered serious personal injuries to his leg when he was attacked in his own back yard by the dog of a neighbor.

According to his wife, Mary Lou Trudeau, Paul Trudeau was taking his garbage out shortly after 11:30 a.m. on July 17 when two German shepherds charged at him in the alley behind his home.

Trudeau’s wife said he attempted to use his large garbage can to block the dogs, which belonged to a neighbor across the alley. He then attempted to back up into his own back yard, but was followed by the dogs.

Trudeau’s wife, who witnessed the scene from inside their home, said that he dropped the garbage can and when the dogs pushed the gate to their back yard open, he went down on both knees and they attacked.

One of the dogs bit Trudeau on his leg before their owner called them back to their own yard, according to Trudeau’s wife. He also reportedly suffered scratches and bruising.

Trudeau received transport to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital. He continues to deal with the wound, which requires cleaning and rewrapping at least until September, his wife said. There are also concerns over infection, because he has two artificial knees. A serious infection could mean another knee replacement.

Police cited the dogs’ owner for allowing them to run at large and failing to obtain city licenses for the dogs, according to Park Ridge Police Cmdr. Lou Jogmen.

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