The North Carolina Highway Patrol said that a 7-year-old boy sustained fatal personal injuries on December 26 after running into the path of a pickup truck on Blacks Chapel Road.


Sgt. E.J. Hoffman said that Christian Fore received transport to Duke Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead from the injuries he suffered.


Hoffman did not know the time of the collision, but said that it occurred after dark.


Hoffman said that the child was wearing dark clothing and ran into the road at his grandmother’s house.


The child, who was wearing dark-colored clothing, was at his grandmother's house and ran into the road, Hoffman said. He said Christopher Womack, the truck’s driver, was not speeding and did not have time to stop.


The accident occurred approximately five miles from Cameron.

My heart truley goes out to all of you.... Jason, Lil Gerald, Andrew, and the rest of the family.... im so sorry for the loss and hope tht u guys can get past this... my prayers will be with u and family as needed... R.I.P. Christian Fore!!!!!
by Kristen December 28, 2010 at 11:36 AM
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