According to a report from The Sun, a British mother spent three months in agony from the personal injuries she suffered due to doctors leaving a 7-inch set of forceps inside her while performing a routine operation.


One year ago, 39-year-old Donna Bowett went in for a surgical procedure to remove her gallbladder. She was left in so much pain that she was barely able to move.


Bowett said that the doctors believed her to have a water infection or another gallstone. When they conducted an MRI scan at the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch, Worcestershire, the magnets began pulling the metal forceps through her skin.


Bowett, a mother of four, described the pain she went through as “horrendous.” She said she began crying and the doctors asked if she had anything metal on her person.


Bowett, who is taking legal action over the incident, finally had an X-ray at Worcestershire Hospital, where she works, and the scan revealed the forceps inside her body.


Bowett said she is unable to believe that “it’s happened in this day and age.” She said that she still is “not right” and believes she may have suffered damage to her internal organs.

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