On August 29, police shot an aggressive dog to death after it mauled a 64-year-old woman, causing her to sustain personal injuries, before charging a police officer.

Police in Kalispell, Montana responded to the home where the attack occurred shortly before 8 a.m. after receiving reports of the dog attacking the woman.


According to Kalispell police Detective Doug Overman, the woman was reportedly in her yard, shooing a puppy back onto the property of a neighbor when a pit bull leapt over a small fence to attack her.


The woman sustained severe bite wounds to her chin and head and lost a large portion of her ear. She also had defensive wounds on her arms and hands. She was rushed to the Kalispell Regional Medical Center emergency room to undergo surgery.

Another neighbor, whom the dog also chased, helped the woman get to safety inside her house before calling the police. The dog was still roaming the woman’s yard when the officers arrived.

According to Overman, the dog charged and an officer was required to shoot it three times.

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