5 Tips to Prevent Bicycle Crash Injuries With Children

A Lillington boy was killed by a car while riding his bicycle over St. Patrick’s Day weekend. The boy, eight-year-old Tyquaves Morris, was visiting family in Dunn when the car accident occurred.

Dunn Bicycle Accidents

The Dunn bicycle accident took place in mid-afternoon at the intersection of McKay and Canary. After being taken to a nearby hospital, Morris was pronounced dead. Bicycle accidents cause more emergency room visits than any other activity for children, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. How can you help prevent other families from experiencing a tragic bicycle accident like this?

• Children don’t physically develop their peripheral skills until after the third grade. Supervision by a parent or guardian is necessary to help spot oncoming traffic.
• Don’t allow children to ride their bikes while wearing headphones. MP3 players, iPods and other digital devices are so popular among children today and that they may not remember to turn them off before getting on a bicycle. Listening to music prevents children from hearing an approaching vehicle or someone else who may be trying to get their attention and warn them.
• Choose a safer spot along a street to ride bikes. If your driveway is not large enough and you live at an intersection or on a high-traffic street, travel with your children to a neighboring block where you can also keep an eye on them.
• Don’t tell children to wear a bike helmet and then not wear one yourself. Set the right example and always wear a helmet so that your children see how important it is to take care of yourself.

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