5 Tips for Making a Claim for Tornado Damage in NC

Late summer weather patterns caused tornadoes in the Piedmont of North Carolina. When homes and businesses are damaged or destroyed due to storm damage, they may have peace of mind knowing that their insurance policies will cover repair and replacement costs. However, insurance companies like to pay out as little as possible and may operate under bad faith. Delayed payouts, denied claims, and other problems may arise when a policy holder suddenly has a claim and needs compensation. NC insurance dispute attorneys in Raleigh with Brent Adams & Associates have prepared the tips below to help you with your insurance claim:


  1. Don’t clean up the mess. Before removing debris from your yard, home or business after a tornado hits, take photographs and video and email them to yourself and the insurance company. A picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to insurance claims after a tornado, it will likely be thousands of dollars in claims.
  2. Submit a written claim. Even if your insurance company doesn’t require a hard-copy document of the incident, submit a copy in writing anyway. This will memorialize your correspondence to show proof of your notification.
  3. Make lists. Create a list of every damaged item: furniture, clothing, electronics, etc. Then create a list of tornado damage your home has sustained: collapsed chimney, trees fallen on house, broken windows, etc. Don’t move or repair any damaged property until an insurance adjustor has visited your property and submitted their report.
  4. Confirm all phone call conversations in writing. If your home was hit by a tornado in NC, yours probably wasn’t the only property damaged. Multiple calls to insurance companies for tornado damage could easily get confused. If your insurance company provides you a figure over the phone for your claim and a date for when the check will be mailed, email your insurance rep thanking them and letting them know you’ll expect a check for the amount they specified within the days after they said it will be mailed.
  5. Call a Raleigh insurance dispute attorney if the insurance company requests you submit to an Examination Under Oath. The insurance company will probably send a lawyer to record this statement and you will want your legal rights protected by having a lawyer representing you through Brent Adams & Associates. Call 800.849.5931 to learn more about expediting your tornado insurance settlement check.
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