5 Things to Know About NC Workers’ Comp

You shouldn’t have to compromise your finances if you are suffering a work-related injury or illness. Workers’ comp payouts are made to injured workers who have been hurt at work, while doing their job, while driving a company vehicle—or their own vehicle—for work-related activities and under a few special circumstances depending on the worker’s occupation. No matter what type of job you have, if you were hurt at work in North Carolina, here are a few tips about workers’ comp:


1. On your very first visit to the doctor for treatment of your injuries, make sure they include in their reports that your injury happened at work. This will help build a strong case for your workers’ comp claims when treatment costs are calculated, plus it alerts the billing company to send invoices to the workers’ comp insurance company and not to the injured employee’s home.

2. Report every job-related illness or injury. If a doctor states your health condition is a result of employment, file an incident or accident report with your superior or HR department.

3. Read information about the NC workers’ comp payment system on the Employment Commission’s site here. Also ask your employer about the company’s workers’ comp program, they should provide you with a brochure and a website.

4. Huge payouts are not common. Our NC workers’ comp attorneys fight for the highest possible comp, however injured workers’ should be realistic about payouts when considering their medical bills, future treatments costs and lost wages.

5. Get a free book with advice about your NC workers’ comp claim. Brent Adams authored the book and you can receive a copy here.


In North Carolina, workers’ comp law states that injured workers are entitled to two-thirds of their average weekly wage. If you’re concerned about the payments you’re receiving—or not receiving if your claim was denied—our NC workers’ comp attorneys will review your case for free. Our lawyers are not compensated unless you’re compensated, so let us fight on your behalf for your workers’ comp claim. Schedule a meeting with one of our workers’ comp lawyers at 800.849.5931.

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