5 Questions You Must Answer to Qualify for Social Security Disability in North Carolina

Benefits under the Social Security disability program may be received once you have completed a Social Security disability claim and been approved; however, you should know that there are 5 basic questions the Social Security Administration uses to help determine whether you qualify as disabled, which are as follows 

  • How severe is your medical condition? You must be unable to execute basic work-related activities.
  • Is your disability in the list of medical conditions maintained by the Social Security Administration? Impairments for each major body system are included. The list targets conditions that will prevent anyone from doing any gainful activity.
  • Are you currently working? If you are working and earning more than $1,010 a month, you more than likely will not be considered disabled.
  • Are you able to perform the work you were doing previously? If you cannot carry out the work you did previously, you may qualify.
  • Are you able to perform any other type of work? If you are unable to act upon other work, your Social Security disability claim may be approved 

If you have already applied for Social Security disability and your claim has been denied, talk to an attorney specialized in dealing with the Social Security Administration. 

Contacting a North Carolina Injury Attorney 

Brent Adams & Associates have been working for the people of Dunn, Raleigh, and Fayetteville, North Carolina for over 30 years to help them get the Social Security disability benefits they deserve. Speak with one of our Social Security disability lawyers for a free case evaluation. Give us a call today at 800-849-5931.

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