5 Questions Our NC Workers' Comp Attorneys Have for Injured Workers

north carolina workers compensation attorneysAfter an accident at work, the first thing an employee does is seek medical attention. After they are well enough, they begin to learn about the North Carolina workers' compensation system and they have a lot of questions. (Alternatively, if the work accident was severe, their family may start to learn about how workers' comp works in NC so that they can act on their loved one's behalf.)

Before an individual or family finds a North Carolina workers' compensation attorney in Raleigh to represent their case and answer their questions, they need to have the answers to lawyers' questions, such as:

  1. What day and time did your work injury happen?
  2. Has your employer been notified in writing of the workplace accident?
  3. Have you already filed a Form 18 with the North Carolina Industrial Commission?
  4. Do you have copies of medical reports and receipts for healthcare costs?
  5. Has your employer told you they don't have workers' compensation coverage? 

Injured workers in North Carolina want to know the statute of limitations that affect their injury case, when they should start receiving workers comp benefits, how to cover their medical bills, the amount in monthly payments they qualify for under workers' comp, and what to do if their employer is one of over 30,000 in North Carolina currently violating laws and operating without workers' comp insurance.

More than half of the North Carolina workplace injuries that happened in 2011 were fatal. After new policies and procedures were implemented by the Department of Labor, the rate has dropped. Only 35% of work-related accidents in North Carolina resulted in death in 2012. The number of injuries in general is lower than ever before, but the workers' comp system is still busy reviewing and award benefit claims. 

NC workers' compensation attorneys have the answers injured workers need to pursue the benefits they are entitled to. It is common for a workers' comp claim to be denied, and injured workers may struggle financially while they recover from their injury, losing wages as medical bills go up. Trying to file a workers' comp claim by yourself requires a lot of time to learn the specialized labor laws and regulations that affect your case. Find a NC workers' comp attorney to work with you as you fight for benefits or a settlement to compensate you for your work injury. If you have the answers to the questions above and meet with a Raleigh workers comp lawyer, you are many steps ahead of other injured workers who are slowly navigating the system without the expertise and tools needed to form a solid case.

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