A 3-year-old Zebulon boy died of the personal injuries he suffered on March 28 when a sport utility vehicle struck him in a driveway at Wildwood Forest Elementary School in Northeast Raleigh.


Police say that the victim, Jaciel Gomez Hernandez, was with his mother and siblings at the time of the incident.


According to what the SUV’s driver, 33-year-old Wendell resident Edith Arroyo Pena, told police, she stopped to allow some pedestrians to cross from between some vehicles parked along the driveway. The pedestrians were walking to a school parking lot from some soccer fields.


Pena said that she didn’t see any more pedestrians and heard a woman screaming when she started driving again. She steered to the left and quickly stopped.


Hernandez went under the SUV’s right rear tires.


The report filed over the incident said that police had not issued any citations.

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