Rear Seat Passengers Are Often Children and Young Adults

rear seat injuriesOur Raleigh car accident lawyers manage cases on behalf of injured victims in car crashes around North Carolina. Although every accident is different, there are common injuries drivers sustain in the front seat area that differ from typical injuries suffered by passengers who ride in the rear seat space.

Depending on the area of impact, front seat drivers and passengers have a greater risk of lacerations from broken windshields. Rear seat passengers are often children and young adults who are not yet old enough or meet the weight requirements to sit in the front seat area. Children hurt in car accidents are vulnerable to life-changing injuries that could affect their development into adulthood. Proper child safety car seats and seat belts help keep young passengers safe, but there are other considerations to make.

Here are three ways you can make the rear seat passenger area safer:

  1. Choose a vehicle with seat belt load limiters. These features help absorb crash energy and reduce thoracic injuries.
  2. Find a car or truck with contoured rear seats. This helps reduce dangerous movement in a side impact crash.
  3. Ask about adding pretensioners to your rear seats. These are common factory-provided devices in front seat areas. These keep lap belts low and will tense up before a collision, which helps prevent head injuries.

Even with the many safety features available in vehicles today, drivers and passengers are still at risk of serious injuries. Innocent vehicle occupants may have been following all traffic laws and wearing their seat belts, but seat belt injuries are still possible. Our Raleigh car accident lawyers handle cases for car crash victims who were injured due to another party's negligence. Whether this is a careless driver, a defective part in a vehicle, or poorly maintained roads, our attorneys can explain your rights in a car accident under North Carolina law. Call 877-BRENT-ADAMS for a free case evaluation. 

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