3 Ways to Keep Your Groundwater Safe

For National Groundwater Awareness Week our injury lawyers in Raleigh have prepared a list of ways you can help prevent water contamination since there is no state-wide ground water monitoring system:

  1. Properly dispose of hazardous chemicals. Paints, oils, pesticides and fertilizers should not be poured down the toilet, the sink, or straight on the ground. Contact your local water authority to learn where you can drop off containers with these types of chemicals so that they don't leech into public drinking water systems.
  2. Test your water. Families that rely on well water should have an annual test of their water. If you rely on city water and notice a change in smell, color, or taste, contact a qualified water testing company for a test. Nitrates, arsenic, bacteria, any number of hazards could be present and affecting your long-term health.
  3. Mix and pour chemicals over asphalt. It is easier to clean up spills from pavement than if runoff touches ground and starts to seep into the water table.

If you or your family are suffering from exposure to chemicals in your groundwater that were caused by another party's negligence, contact our Raleigh injury lawyers to learn your rights. Innocent families may be exposed to hazardous chemicals, just like the unfortunate families in Wake Forest's Stony Hill contamination last year. Don't let big companies try to make you settle for less than what you deserve. You have the right to know what you are truly entitled to and our injury lawyers in Raleigh will evaluate your case at no cost.

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