3 Tips to Protect Your Rights in a Car Accident

There are simple actions you can take after you're injured from a car crash that will help you with your car accident injury claim. Filing a lawsuit in North Carolina is not a guaranteed payout, but our team of personal injury lawyers in Raleigh will make sure you have the best chances of compensation.

At Brent Adams & Associates, one of the most common pieces of advice that's we give is not to explain to the other driver what happened. It's typical in our culture to be polite and apologize, even when something isn't our fault-but a car accident is a serious legal situation where a simple apology can be misconstrued as your taking fault for the accident. Other than this overstated step, injured drivers can take advantage of their eligible rights through a few tips below:

1. File an NC auto accident injury claim, but don't speak with the other driver. Over 220,000 North Carolina car accidents happen every year, according to NCDOT statistics (2006). How many of these injured drivers neglect to retain counsel? This creates a huge potential of under-represented or misrepresented injured drivers who end up accepting settlement terms for far less than they are entitled to.
2. Tell your story to your attorney only. You need an NC car wreck lawyer to review the details of your car accident. If you've been involved in an auto accident that wasn't your fault, our attorneys with personal injury experience in the greater Raleigh-Durham area will create a case for appropriate financial settlement for property damage, work loss, pain and suffering, as well as other rights you may not be aware you're able to claim.
3. Let your personal injury lawyer negotiate. Usually you'll hear from a settlement officer who will present you with an offer. Don't accept it. Leave all the negotiating up to your NC auto accident attorney who will work the case with your best interest in mind.

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