3 Tips to Keep Kids Safe Around Dogs

A recent NC dog attack took the life of an infant in Hertford. When a family left a 10-month-old boy in the care of their grandmother, a large dog started attacking the baby. Reports have not revealed if the animal was the family’s dog, a neighbor’s, or a stray, however there are ways to keep babies safe around familiar and strange dogs so that you can prevent disfiguring, paralyzing and fatal dog bite injuries.


There are several reasons why dogs are triggered to bite. Sometimes it’s out of fear, territorialism, protection, or falsely thinking they’re the alpha dog. NC dog bites can be traced to each of these reasons, but there’s one simple fact that Raleigh dog bite attorneys are retained to work for: The dog’s owner must be held responsible. Many dog owners are irresponsible and have not properly socialized their dogs, provide inadequate fencing, and fail to keep their dogs on a leash. Children’s parents and guardians can protect their young ones from dog attacks by:

  • Teaching children safe behaviors around dogs. Children should always ask a dog’s owner if it’s okay to pet their dog, and kids need to be taught to avoid stray dogs even if they appear friendly.
  • Teaching children how to pet a dog. A raised hand coming down to pet a dog may trigger memories of beatings if the dog has a history of being abused, which may make the dog think the child is acting aggressively. Teach children to hold their hands out palm up and allow the dog to sniff and approach them at their own comfort.
  • Never leave a child by themselves with a dog, even if it’s a pet you’re familiar with and believe is safe. You can never predict an animal’s behavior and a dog attack has permanent effects on victims.
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