Social Security is a great financial help; however, Social Security alone might not provide you with secure financial stability. USA Today offers three tips to help you increase your Social Security allotment for a better retirement:

       1. File at Full Retirement Age

You can claim Social Security starting at the age of sixty-two. If you do so, you will receive a 6.67% reduction per year for the first three years of your retirement, and then a 5% reduction for the rest of your retirement. By waiting until full retirement age (66) or older to claim benefits, you will receive an 8% increase in your yearly benefit until the age of 70.

      2. Fight for a Raise

Social Security is earning based, so the more you make, the more you can earn back when you retire. Fighting for a raise sounds easy in theory, but you need to approach your employer with a plan. To prove to your employer you deserve a raise, USA Today advises you to: compile a list of your accomplishments, show how you saved your company money, and provide financial data that proves you are being underpaid.

     3. Review Your Salary Data

Your Social Security benefit is based on how much you've earned throughout your lifetime. The Social Security Administration compiles this data and keeps it in a file for you. Make sure to review this data because finding an inaccuracy could result in a boost in benefits for you.

If you are not yet collecting Social Security, consider these three tips to increase your benefits before filing.

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