3 Tips for Fire Insurance Claims

Insurance dispute attorneys in Raleigh, Dunn and Fayetteville with Brent Adams & Associates have represented clients through their North Carolina insurance disputes after devastating house fires.

Recently a Wake Forest man was burned during a fire at his house. The unnamed man is being treated at a burn center. No foul play is suspected and authorities are still investigating the cause of the fire.

Fire Damage Dispute Attorneys Raleigh

With any house fire, more likely than not the insurance company will be notified. If your fire claim has been denied, delayed or disputed in bad faith, a Brent Adams & Associates' insurance dispute attorney can help. Fires can be caused by many different things, some of which may not be covered under your homeowner's insurance policy. Insurance companies may view electrical fires and fires caused by storms or droughts differently. Anyone who is having difficulties with their fire claim should read the 3 tips below and contact one of our Raleigh insurance dispute attorneys:

  • Typical homeowner's insurance policies cover living expenses associated with alternate living arrangements while fire damages are being repaired. An insurance policy is a legally binding contract between the policy holder and the insurer. Keep photos and videos of all the fire damage. If the insurance company fails to provide coverage as outlined in their policy, it's a good time to contact an insurance dispute attorney to file a claim on your behalf.
  • Sometimes an entire room or floor is destroyed by a fire. Expensive antique furniture could have been ruined or completely obliterated. When an insurance claims adjuster comes to assess the fire damage they may price the replacement value on the furniture much lower than the actual value of the antique items. At this point you can contact a lawyer. An insurance dispute attorney at Brent Adams & Associates can explain the dispute process.
  • If the house fire caused severe burns to someone in your family and your insurance company isn't following through with covering medical treatments as outlined in their policy, you have a very good reason to contact a dispute lawyer at our Raleigh, Dunn or Fayetteville offices. Keep organized medical records and receipts.

NC Insurance Dispute Lawyers

A homeowner's insurance dispute attorney at Brent Adams & Associates will make certain your rights are protected and every law possible is used in your best interest to maximize your compensation.

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