3 Tips for Caring for Someone With Dementia

Wandering problems with seniors can lead to serious injuries and even death. For aging Americans who suffer Alzheimer’s and dementia, a wandering problem means they probably won’t find their way back home without help and proper identification. Anyone suffering dementia, memory loss or Alzheimer’s needs special care. If care for a senior with dementia is your responsibility, you can help make both your lives more comfortable and less stressful through these elder care tips:

* Reverse roles and offer direction. It’s a difficult transition, especially for adult children who care for their own aging parents, but it’s important to remove options and set firm schedules. Decide the type and time of meals in advance, choose TV channels and don’t ask if they want to take their medicine—provide it and explain that it must be taken.
* Stop expecting them to remember. Memory loss is progressive. Sadly, friends and family are given false hope during times when their loved one has moments of lucidity. However, it’s more effective to rearrange your living environment, create medication reminder systems and not rely on a note system.
* Stop correcting and start accepting. Seniors with Alzheimer’s and memory loss often confuse past memories with reality. If your loved one is confusing you with a relative who has passed away, instead of reminding them that the person has died, ask them questions about their memories. Listen to their stories. This will reduce their stress instead of growing the confusion and frustration that happens with memory loss.

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