3 Things to Know About Counterfeit Air Bags

raleigh injury lawyersReplacement parts for air bags in tens of thousands of vehicles across the United States may be fake. Counterfeit air bags, allegedly manufactured in China, were used to replace air bags after deployment in vehicles that were in collisions. Not everyone is at risk though. Our Raleigh injury lawyers prepared a checklist for drivers to use to help them determine if they should have their vehicle inspected for counterfeit air bags:

  • You have purchased a used car that may have experienced air bag deployment
  • You own a salvaged or reconstructed vehicle
  • You purchased replacement air bags from eBay or another third party e-tailer or retailer.
  • You had air bags replaced by a non-certified dealership between 2009-2013

If any of the above applies to you, look for a certified dealership immediately to inspect your vehicle. Counterfeit air bags do not inflate, or if they do, they do not inflate effectively. An authentic-looking manufacturer's logo appears on the counterfeit air bags.

Even when air bags deploy properly, they can still cause injuries. Lacerations, facial scarring, fractures in the hands or face, and reconstructive surgeries may be the result of a normal air bag deployment. If you were in a car accident in Raleigh, or anywhere in North Carolina, you are entitled to a free copy of Brent Adams' book 10 Costly Mistakes That Will Wreck Your North Carolina Case. You can reserve a free case evaluation with one of our Raleigh injury lawyers here.

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