3 Things To Do After Your Home Has a Fire

A house fire in Raleigh destroyed a home on Poole Road and injured a resident's hands. The fire started just after 2AM in one of the bedrooms.

Over two dozen firefighters were needed to control the blaze, which took an hour to manage after the flames spread to the attic. The Raleigh house fire ruined half the home and made it unlivable.

Filing Fire Insurance Claims in NC

There are terms in every homeowners insurance policy that explain coverage limits for fire damage. Fire insurance typically covers damage for burns caused by wildfires, electrical fires or storms to an accidental candle left burning. Common coverage also covers smoke and water damage to other parts of the home. If you're filing a fire insurance claim, it may mean you currently don't have a place to live, clothes to wear or food to eat. Check your insurance policy to see what types of temporary housing costs are covered. You'll want to look for the terms "additional living expenses coverage" or "loss of use coverage." Not every policy compensates for housing while repairs are being made and this coverage does not cover lost wages. In the case of the Raleigh house fire above, the family was being offered shelter, food and clothes by the Red Cross. If your policy does cover essentials, request an advance and keep receipts so that the amount can be deducted from the total amount you'll eventually receive.

After You Have a House Fire or Your Home Burns Down:

  1. Make sure you file a police report. The police report is a legitimate reference for your insurance company that details the date of the loss, describes the damage and lists injuries.
  2. Keep all receipts. If receipts didn't get destroyed in the fire, present copies of major purchases to your insurance company so that they can repair or replace damaged pieces.
  3. Make a list. Document every item that was damaged or destroyed including the make, model and year of purchase. Very few people plan ahead and make a video inventory of their homes, but if you did so it is the perfect time to review the footage and send it to your insurance company.

Insurance Dispute Attorneys Raleigh

If you've done everything right and are still having problems with your fire insurance claim, contact a NC insurance dispute attorney in Raleigh, Dunn or Fayetteville with Brent Adams & Associates. Our insurance dispute attorneys work on property damage claims for homes and businesses in North Carolina.

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