3 Signs of Workers’ Comp Fraud

Every once in a while a worker fakes an injury, falsifies records or manipulates the system to receive workers' compensation. Workers' comp fraud is a corrupt means of using a program intended to help legitimately injured employees.

Fake Workers' Comp Claims in NC

If you or someone you know is committing workers' comp fraud--or maybe you or someone you know is thinking about committing this crime--don't do it; you will most likely be caught. The workers' comp application process is complicated and has a series of requirements that exist to eliminate the chances of misuse and fraud.

Signs of a Fraudulent Workers' Comp Claim:

  1. Timing - Fake claims typically involve an injury that happened at a time when no witnesses were around. Another red flag for fraud is if the claim is made at the beginning of the week. Sometimes an employee tries to disguise a weekend injury as a work injury in order to receive workers' comp benefits.
  2. Employment History - Suspicions are higher for people who have an inconsistent work history. This may imply the worker was caught for fraud and moved on to a new target.
  3. New Employee - If a claim is made at the beginning of someone's employment, there is a strong likelihood that their claim is a fraud. The employee may have not wanted to work in the first place and was just looking to take advantage of an innocent employer and the workers' comp system.

Trouble With Workers' Comp Claim

If you're having trouble receiving workers' comp benefits in NC, do not commit fraud. Read our 3 Rules for Workers' Comp Claims in NC. Contact one of Brent Adams & Associates' workers' comp attorneys in Raleigh, Dunn or Fayetteville. Our workers comp lawyers can explain if you qualify for workers' comp and help you coordinate your claim with the Industrial Commission and your employer.

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