3 Safety Tips for Senior Air Travel

Traveling with seniors comes with several challenges. Families and friends take great care during travels with senior citizens. Senior travel is a balance of memory, health and medication.
  • Keep ID on your loved one. New environments can be especially dangerous for elderly folks who have dementia or who are prone to wandering. If your loved one wanders away someone will have an easier time of contacting you if they are wearing a bracelet or have a card in their pocket. There is even a new service that hosts GPS tracking devices in shoes for seniors.
  • Locate medical centers near your destination. Keep phone numbers and addresses of healthcare centers in the area you will be traveling to. You can also ask your doctor in advance if they know of any physicians you should ask for directly. Schedule a pre-trip medical check-up to see if any dietary or prescription medication changes are needed before you leave.
  • Keep prescription medication with you at all times. Ask your doctor for a note outlining the prescription medication your loved one needs. Luggage is lost every day. Missed medication for a senior could have a fatal reaction. If you forget to keep your medication in your carry-on luggage, if you have a list and your doctors’ contact information they should be able to phone in a re-fill to a pharmacy in the area you are staying. Ask a doctor about the proper time to take medication if you’re crossing time zones.
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