3 Risks of Metal Hip Implants

Raleigh metal hip implant lawyersAlthough hip replacement surgeries have the goal of resolving joint issues in the hip and retaining movement and mobility, metal hip implant problems can cause serious long-term injuries for patients. Metal-on-metal implants, where a metal 'ball-and-socket' system is used, may cause problems in other parts of the patient's body. Many metal hip implant recalls have brought deserved attention to the controversial devices. Johnson & Johnson recalled a metal hip implant in 2010, and then in January 2013 they recalled another metal hip device called Adept modular heads. The recent recall is due to the product's ineffectiveness, causing repeat surgeries in more than 10% of patients. 

Our North Carolina metal hip implant lawyers created a list of three common risks associated with this type of hip surgery. The problems caused by metal hip implants are not limited to the few we explain here; don't hesitate to contact one of our injury attorneys to review your case.

  1. Kidney problems. According to the Food and Drug Administration, renal impairments have been associated with patients who received metal hip implants. 
  2. Thyroid problems. The thyroid gland maintains essential hormone levels, however research is showing an increased risk in thyroid disfunction after patients have a metal hip implant. This may result in the patient relying on thyroid medication for the rest of their life, but if not treated right away, an imbalance created by an overactive or underactive thyroid could permanently damage other parts of the body.
  3. Multiple surgeries. Metal hip implant problems may not be limited to the initial surgery. The FDA has received multiple reports of "early failures" - causing patients pain, additional surgery, and higher healthcare costs. Just like the recent Johnson & Johnson hip implant recall we reviewed above, patients need to know ths is a very common, expensive, and uncomfortable risk.

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