A lawsuit has been filed against A.O. Smith Corp. and 27 other companies by Helen Conn on the behalf of the estate of Elray Conn, alleging that his death was caused by intentional exposure to asbestos. The suit was filed on June 19 in the District Court of Jefferson County, Texas.

The suit claims that Conn was employed as a laboratory analyst, maintenance supervisor, and contract administrator. According to the claim, he worked with products and materials that contained asbestos, which resulted in him suffering from diseases related to asbestos and other industrial dusts.

The suit alleges that the defendants manufactured, distributed, and sold products which contained asbestos and were “unreasonably dangerous and defective.

Other defendants 
named by the suit include companies like Lockheed Martin, Owens, Illinois, and Viacom.

The suit also claims negligence on the part of the defendants by continuing to manufacture and distribute their products that contained asbestos even after the inherent hazards of exposure to asbestos have become “well known and documented in the medical and scientific literature.”

Conn seeks exemplary damages, alleging that the defendants acted with malice. She is also seeking damages for Elray Conn’s past and future mental anguish, medical expenses, and lost wages.
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