Austin Breedlove tripped over a horseshoe post, while playing football and the pit bull attacked him. He was bitten on his arm, shoulder, side, leg and ankle, according to his mother Wendy Creighton. The incident occurred Sunday at Travis McSwain’s 3000 Drake Drive home.

 Breedlove had to be transported to Gaston Memorial Hospital, where he received stitches and about six hours of treatment. Breedlove missed a week of school at Kiser Elementary and is experiencing alot of pain, according to his mother .

An Animal Control officer investigated the incident and spoke to McSwain, who was required to quarantine the dog in his home for a 10-day observation period in case of rabies infection. Bingo, the 10-month-old pit bull, has had all required vaccinations.

Creighton could submit a letter to Animal Control asking that the dog be declared potentially dangerous, Lingafelt said. The dog’s owner would be asked to respond, and Animal Control Administrator Reggie Horton would make a final determination.

“That’s been offered to them as part of the investigation — they could submit that letter to us and we would pursue it,” said Lingafelt.

Animal Control can require owners of potentially dangerous animals to keep them in secure fences or enclosures, post beware of dog signs and have the dog tattooed with an identification number or have a microchip implanted, the ordinance states.

McSwain said Bingo has never exhibited aggressive behavior toward children before. He said one of the kids playing football let the dog out of his backyard cage.

n 11-year-old boy playing football at a friend's home was attacked by a pit bull.
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