“Bully Breed” Adoption Restriction Dropped

In late 2011, Cumberland County Animal Control proposed a pet adoption amendment to North Carolina county officials. The proposal involved a dog adoption restriction based on specific breeds of dogs, allegedly called “bully breeds” by officials.

The questionable breeds included chow chow mixes, American Staffordshire terriers, pit bulls and Rottweilers. If the proposal had passed, already overcrowded animal shelters would have to secure alternate care and housing for the dogs.

The pet breed discrimination proposal prompted dozens of protestors to attend a board meeting concerning the topic. Activists, trainers and groomers gathered to testify on behalf of the “bully breeds.” They collectively protested the proposal and cited multiple animals’ good dispositions and positive behavior that would have otherwise become unadoptable just because of their breed. The board decided they will now consider a more stringent selection process for dog owners to limit the number of irresponsible owners who are guilty of neglect and care.

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